I invite you into a space of deep transformation and a little bit of luxury!

My deepest desire is to help women move beyond the belief that they are anything less than a powerful  creators of their reality.   

My intention is to help you move beyond the fears that hold you back, identify the belief’s that no longer serve you and learn how to use your emotions as a guide into your deeper self. TO UNCOVER your true authentic self, your inner confidence, self-worth, self-belief and connect to a deep trust within yourself.

Did you know that your conscious mind makes up only 10% of your brain capacity?  And that the other 90% is made up of the subconsciuos and unconscious mind?  

Your unconscious mind is the place where all your memories and experiences have been stored.  And it’s from THIS place that your beliefs, habits and behaviours are formed and reinforced over time.

If you want to affect change in your life at a core level, then you will have to work on the programs in the unconscious mind!


Unconscious – The part of the mind which is inaccessible to the conscious mind but which affects behaviour and emotions.

This is where our beliefs are stored, our
deepest traumas are held and our most far
reaching memories are kept. It is here that our
every thought searches for a way to respond.
You may think that you are operating from your
rational conscious mind, but in fact you are not.

This work is designed to bring into your awareness the parts of you that are holding you back or creating repeating negative patterns. Without awareness we cannot make changes in our life.

What you will get from the weekend:

Know the difference between your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. Learn how they are affecting your decisions and emotional responses

Gain a deeper level of self understanding and self love

Experience transformational processes that allow you to tap into your unconscious mind and shift what is no longer serving you

Release past hurt, childhood trauma and supressed emotions

Recreate & reprogram beliefs no longer serving you and create the life you truly desire

Create deeper connection to your authentic powerful self

What will you do on the Weekend?

  • Breathwork
  • Ancient Hawaiian healing
  • Movement Medicine
  • Deep meditation
  • Trauma release and integration
  • Emotional Clearing
  • Restorative Yoga & Sound healing
  • Sacred silence

Using a carefully selected combination of ancient processes and modern techniques, we will move gently but deeply into the parts of you that are ready to be seen and fully heard.  This is an experiential weekend that will fundamentally change the way you move forward in life.  

The venue has been specifically chosen for it’s perfect combination of nature, luxury, space and glorious energy!  All designed to support you in your journey.

Women are being called to come together to learn how to truly love and embrace all parts of themselves.  Until we are able to do that we will only ever bring a fraction of our glorious selves into the world.

I humbly invite you to join us in gently and lovingly guiding you through processes that transform and heal the limiting beliefs, past trauma’s, suppressed emotions and ancestral patterns that are preventing you from living the fullest expression of yourself.

It is time to move beyond the limitations of who we think we
are to awaken to the truth that we are all that is!

Meet Your Facilitators

Carol Russell

At the age of 37 I was married, had kids, a nice house, a great job, and went on nice holidays.  In fact I had the whole white picket fence kind of life, from the outside looking in everything seemed perfect.  But after having a ‘mini nervous breakdown’ one day because I couldn’t decide what to put out for dinner, I decided that there was no possible way I could live the rest of my life like that.  

Karlyn Digitalis

Conscious Breathwork is one of the best ways to access both your deep subconscious and your higher self, at the same time. We open up to the hidden realms, those parts of ourselves that usually remain outside of our daily awareness. True and lasting transformation is possible when we know how to make contact with our inner worlds in this way.

Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca is a vibrant conscious movement facilitator and Energy Alignment Guide who has dedicated her life to the study of embodiment, self healing and Movement as Medicine. Through her transformational dance journey’s, she lovingly guides students to connect to their inner power, intuition and innate body wisdom. 

Helen Selmeczy

Helen has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years. Specialising in calming and restoring the body and nervous system using ancient techniques for modern times. Working on calming the parasympathetic nervous system enabling more balance in body, mind, emotions. 





We are passionate advocates of self-love, living authentically and spiritual education & awareness


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