The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your relationships!

This unique four day immersive program for both couples and singles will give you new insights and practical research-based relationship skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and depth of your all relationships and help you resolve conflict in a healthy and productive way.

Covering key topics like communication, blended families, sex, money, culture, core beliefs and healthy conflict, we will move gently but deeply into all the aspects of yourself that might be preventing you from having truly successful relationships. This is an experiential weekend that will fundamentally change the way you move forward in life.

Whether you are currently in a relationship or looking to be in a relationship, the truth is you are in one 24 hours a day. Whether it’s your spouse, kids, parents, work mates, friends or even yourself, you are ALWAYS in a relationship.

And yet, we have never really been taught how to be in a ‘relationship’ as opposed to a ‘partnership’.  The majority of us learned about relationships through watching our parents, relatives, friends and of course, TV.  

Think for a moment about what you may have learned from this?

In addition to what we may have learned from watching those around us, our own personal beliefs, culture, experiences and past relationships all play a critical part in how we show up today. 

In order to truly be able to have happy and healthy relationships with others, we must also have a happy and healthy relationship with ourselves.  

Using a carefully selected combination of ancient processes and modern techniques, this unique 4 day immersive program will give you new insights and practical research-based relationship skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and depth of all your relationships.

Topics we will tackle.....

  • Learn the fundamental Masters and Disasters of relationships
  • Understand how to have healthy conflict
  • Navigating the complexity of blended families
  • Tools to develop real ‘Intimacy’ in your relationship
  • Practical communication tools and techniques
  • Mastering your emotional intelligence
  • Understanding your own personal belief systems and modelling
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Uncover the masks you hide behind
  •  Money, sex and much more…..

What you need to know about the weekend:

Participant numbers are capped at 14 to ensure you receive all the support you need

The venue has been specifically chosen for it’s perfect combination of nature, luxury, space and glorious energy!  All designed to support you in your journey

All food is included and all dietary needs are catered for


This Weekend Has Changed My Life Forever

I was at the bottom of my world - broken relationship, highly anxious, depressed and lost when I entered the weekend - following this amazing 2.5 days my life has changed DRAMATICALLY and FOREVER!
Danni G
Gold Coast

What was that!!

Broken Marriage, health issues, and life not looking that good - attended the Relationship weekend and realised I'm OK... Came away liking me and ready to do life different
Jason S
Sunshine Coast

Suddenly life is Different!

I have attended MANY self help and personal improvement weekends over the past few years - thinking this was "just another”
Found many new tools to help me improve my self worth. share the real me and feel safe about that. Thanks UR team
Maria H

For 20+ years I have carried this burden from my childhood...

At the Ultimate Relationship weekend I discovered that it is OK to love me - OK to like me - and OK to allow someone else to love me! This was the greatest weekend I have ever attended as it changed my life allowed my partner and family to finally see the "REAL ME" 
Thank you to Larry and the Team. 
Jo S

Finally there was someone who "Saw me" hiding!

I have successfully maneuvered my way around 20+ years of heartache abuse and persecution from or by men - until I came to this weekend... what a "breakthrough" Larry and the team worked their magic on me and finally I am FREE of the BURDENS!
Mandy U




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