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Carol Russell

At the age of 37 I was married, had kids, a nice house, a great job, and went on nice holidays. In fact I had the whole white picket fence kind of life, from the outside looking in everything seemed perfect. But after having a ‘mini nervous breakdown’ one day because I couldn’t decide what to put out for dinner, I decided that there was no possible way I could live the rest of my life like that.

I had hit a wall and come to a point where I just didn’t know who I was anymore. I didn’t know what I wanted from life, I didn’t know what I was passionate about, I didn’t even know what made me happy. I said ‘no’ to everything, I was highly anxious and a total people pleaser. I lived my life for everyone else.

I embarked on a personal development journey that took me out of my mind and deep into my body. And it was here that I was able to connect with my pain, my joy, my grief, my rage, my love. It was here that I found my deepest truths and subsequently my passion.

I worked for a number of years with the Path of the Goddess where I was trained as a mentor and a facilitator using the Holistic Clearing Method. I completed nearly 150 hours of one on one coaching and co-facilitated women’s workshops during that time. I also began training with Ultimate Relationships as a facilitator and I continue that journey today alongside my partner Brooke Lucas.

I am a trained Reiki Master and have spent much of the last few years as a coach and facilitator working with both men and women.

My deepest desire is to change the patterns for my children and for all those that come after me. I am passionate about working with all kinds of women to support them in uncovering their capacity for greatness, finding themselves and inevitably finding their passion and their joy.

I very much look forward to sharing what I have learned so far on my journey.

Karlyn Digitalis

Conscious Breathwork is one of the best ways to access both your deep subconscious and your higher self, at the same time. We open up to the hidden realms, those parts of ourselves that usually remain outside of our daily awareness. True and lasting transformation is possible when we know how to make contact with our inner worlds in this way.

For this reason, it is crucial that those you choose to journey with someone that is professionally trained and experienced. Please allow me to introduce myself……

My journey with Breathwork started over 20 years ago, in my late teens. I had been battling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self hate etc…

After my first session so much shifted for me. I was able to make contact with the aspect of myself that was eternal and was also able to release some long held sadness, pain and trauma. I started having Breathwork sessions every 2 weeks for over a year, and was able to offload the overload of life and start upon my path of true awakening and purpose.

At 25 years of age, I trained professionally in Breathwork Mastery. A total of 4 years and to Australian Government Vocational Education standards. Sadly, this level of training is no longer available. Since then, I have had countless clients, groups, workshops and seminars both in Australia and the UK, where I lived for 12 years. I have held committee positions with both the International Breathwork Foundation and the British Rebirth Society.

I share all this with you so you know that you will be held in safe, loving and experienced hands. I am very much looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca is a vibrant conscious movement facilitator and Energy Alignment Guide who has dedicated her life to the study of embodiment, self healing and Movement as Medicine.

Through her transformational dance journey’s, she lovingly guides students to connect to their inner power, intuition and innate body wisdom. She supports others to discover and express their authentic self – both on and off the dance floor.

A highly experienced facilitator offering retreats, events and workshops in Australia and internationally, Rebecca offers weekly classes in the Gold Coast at Eden Health Retreat, Australia’s longest established health retreat. She is a guest facilitator at Gwinganna, Australia’s largest and most awarded spa location.

In 2018 Rebecca presented at Seven Sisters Festival, the largest women only health and personal development festival in Australia. Her greatest passion is to celebrate, educate and inspire women to love and accept all parts of themselves through the gift of their Body.

Helen Selmeczy

Helen has been practicing yoga and meditation
for over 20 years. Specialising in calming and restoring the body and nervous system using ancient techniques for
modern times.

Working on calming the parasympathetic nervous system enabling more balance in body, mind, emotions.
Travelling every year to India , Nepal and Tibet Helens practice aims to bring a deep sense of calm and peace with tools for ongoing self practice.

Incorporating sound healing into the practice
using traditional Tibetan bowls to cleanse and
balance the aura and chakras.




We are passionate advocates of self-love, living authentically and spiritual education & awareness


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