The Divine Feminine is rising – but let’s not leave our men behind!

The Divine Feminine is rising – that’s a phrase I hear a LOT.  The planet is finally ready for the move out of a patriarchal society and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of that.  I myself have been, and I am still on the journey of rising out of the ashes after thousands of years of feminine suppression (another really long topic I will talk about another day). And it feels good!!

 But I have that ‘I’ve forgotten something’ feeling like I got halfway to work and thought I left the oven on.  A tiny bit of discomfort that sits deep in my soul. 

 Whilst I completely support this shift and have a deep desire to create a sisterhood that can move into the new world, the suppression of the feminine has had a far greater impact on men that we must not shy away from.  And let me be clear when we use the word feminine, we are not referring to a woman.  The term Feminine refers to an energy and a set of qualities that exist within that energy.  This energy at its core is love but it is also nurturing, vulnerable, chaotic, receiving and intuitive.

 Both men AND women have feminine energy!   

 So what’s the point I hear you ask.

The suppression of the feminine IN ADDITION TO cultural conditioning that it’s not ok for men to express their emotions, has left them completely without a place to deal with their pain.  The inability for them to feel comfortable in their vulnerability and the shame that they often face when they do express their emotions can lead to almost completely shut down in some cases.  Their suppression is just as, if not more significant than ours!

The result shows up in increased violence, alcoholism, homelessness, addiction and the real kicker……………………………. Increasing numbers of suicides – of which 75% are men!

In 2017 there were 3128 suicides in Australia and 2,348 of these were men!!!  We simply MUST WAKE UP TO THIS ISSUE.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that women have pain and trauma too and not all women have great support systems either.

My point is simple – we ALL have emotions, we ALL have pain, we ALL have things we need to be able to feel safe to express. We are all F%#ING human!!!!!! 

On the journey of rising out of the ashes, we simply MUST bring our men with us.  We must create spaces for them where it is safe to fully feel their own pain, their own suffering, their own trauma.  We must come from compassion, acceptance and non-judgement when dealing with their emotions.

I believe we have a responsibility to make this a journey of UNITY – LET US RISE TOGETHER. 

Patriarchy and matriarchy serve no one!